TIMEMORE Chestnut X Grinder

The Timemore Chestnut X is the newest addition to the constantly expanding market of high-end hand grinders, and therefore, it must possess unique qualities to distinguish itself. However, thanks to extensive research and keen attention to detail, it has swiftly climbed to the pinnacle of our preferred list of grinders.

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Award Winning Design

The Timemore Chestnut X has recently been introduced into the luxury hand grinder market, where competition is fierce. To differentiate itself, this product had to offer unique features and exceptional performance. After extensive research and meticulous attention to detail, this hand grinder has quickly become our top choice. Its outstanding design has earned it recognition and numerous accolades, establishing it as a leading product in this highly competitive market.

Design and Build Quality

The Timemore Chestnut X coffee grinder is a unique and impressive product that stands out due to its exceptional design and attention to detail.

The grinder is both sleek and lightweight, weighing only 765g, and has a 30-35g capacity. The unibody of the grinder is made of CNC cut aluminum, which is squared off on the outside for an ergonomic grip.

The same material is used for the grounds bin, eliminating any concerns of breakage associated with glass or longevity issues with plastic. The grounds bin is also designed to be easily removed, taking only half a turn to lock positively into place, ensuring that it will not come off unintentionally.

The quality of the grinder's shaft is maintained by the use of two high-quality bearings, which ensure that grinding is as smooth and consistent as possible.

Folding Handle

The Handle of the Timemore Nano grinder is truly one-of-a-kind and deserving of its own dedicated section. The foldable design of the handle is revolutionary, yet simple in its engineering. When not in use, it easily folds down to the side of the grinder and stays neatly out of the way.

The back of the knob has a rubber damper that protects the body from damage and also serves as a tool to clear any remaining grinds from the chamber. Once the handle is straightened out, it securely locks into place and makes for a smooth and enjoyable grinding experience. The opening and clicking sound of the handle is so satisfying that it alone would make the purchase of this grinder worthwhile.

Burrs & Grind Quality

Timemore has redesigned the burr set, creating a new conical burr called the Spike to Cut (S2C). These 42mm burrs are made from high hardness, water-resistant, and rust-resistant SUS440 high carbon stainless steel.

The burrs work in two stages: first, the beans are spiked and broken down into smaller pieces. This process also ensures that the silver skin of the coffee remains in larger pieces, making it easier to sift out if desired.

Secondly, the spiked coffee then passes through a more standard burr design to achieve the final grind size. If you are considering this grinder, it is likely that you value this level of precision and attention to detail in your coffee-making process.

Grind Adjustment

The Chestnut X hand grinder has changed the way we adjust grind sizes. The Chestnut X it comes equipped with an absolute grind adjustment feature, which allows for a grind size range of 1-24. This means that we can now accurately set and communicate our desired grind size without any guesswork.

But that's not all, the Chestnut X also includes a micro-adjust dial, which breaks down each of the 24 steps into 5 additional settings, resulting in a total of 120 grind accuracy options.

This advanced feature allows for even greater precision in selecting the perfect grind size for each cup of coffee, whether it be filter or espresso. The Chestnut X truly has all of your coffee grinding needs covered, making it an excellent choice for coffee enthusiasts looking for the best brewing experience possible.

What's included

  • 1 x Timemore Chestnut X Coffee Grinder
  • 1 x Carry Bag
  • 1 x Grinder Brush

Some options include the Chestnut X Leather Holder

Grinder details

  • Patented 42mm Spike 2 Cut burrs made from SUS440 high carbon stainless steel - water and rust-resistant
  • 30-35g capacity
  • 24 clicks macro grind adjustments and 5 micro-adjustments for each of those providing 120 clicks for high precision grind adjustments
  • Dual bearings to ensure the shaft spins smoothly and is stable
  • Foldable handle for convenience and style
  • CNC cut aluminum unibody which is squared off on the outside making it easier to grip
  • Dimensions - 160mm x 55mm
  • Weight 765g

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