TIMEMORE Chestnut Slim Grinder

Introducing the all-new Slim grinder from Timemore: a taller and sleeker version of their popular Nano hand coffee grinder. This upgraded model is equipped with ultra sharp steel burrs, an innovative locking spring mechanism for stable grinding, plus two ball bearings that keep everything securely in place for smooth operation every time!

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The Timemore Slim Precision

Proudly introducing the next evolution of coffee brewing—the Timemore Slim! This ingenious little grinder packs all the power and precision you come to expect from its predecessor, with a few extra inches that let you grind up enough beans for an entire party in one go.

The Slim grinder is the perfect combination of precision and style. Featuring a smoothly turning traditional handle, along with its magnetic knob to finish it off just right – this masterpiece was designed down to every last detail!

Dual Ball Bearing

With sharp steel burrs, no-slip spring locks, and two ball bearings making sure nothing shakes loose while grinding, this thing is your new java companion. When it comes to performance, its dual bearings and axle provide unrivaled stability– meaning there's no play when grinding your delicious beans.

Brew & Espresso

Timemore Slim Coffee Grinder is the jack-of-all trades grinder - dial in perfect espresso shots, or go coarse with ease. Why settle for anything less?

Looking for the perfect grind? You have two choices – stainless steel burrs that take care of everything from espresso to French Press, or titanium-coated burrs designed specifically with espresso in mind. The choice is yours! Get ready to enjoy your favorite cup like never before.

Easy Cleaning

With the included brush, you'll be able to quickly and easily tackle any clutter on your small grinder. Just give it a gentle sweep near the adjustment dial and voila - good as new!

For more thorough cleaning, just spin the dial clockwise until you can easily remove all four pieces - from inner and outer bur to washer.

Easy to Crank

Its smooth, textured aluminium alloy body rests comfortably in your hand and its chestnut pommel handle makes it a breeze to grind.


Need some extra room in your bag? The Timemore Slim Plus is small enough to fit inside the Aeropress, giving you even more space for all of life's adventures.

This 25-gram capacity grinder is perfect for your caffeinated needs. Plus, no more worrying about spills as the catch cup screws on securely!

Grind Consistency

Timemore has gone the extra mile to make sure your coffee experience is tailored perfectly. With two different burr sets available, you can choose between titanium-coated or stainless steel burs that best suit how and what type of brews you like!

The special Titanium coat gives espresso an added finesse for a smooth cup every time; providing consistency across various types of grinds so you can enjoy your favorite cup each morning without any hiccups on brew day. Those who prefer pour over's and French press can opt for their durable Stainless Steel burr set.

Fast Grinding

Timemore's conical burrs just got a major upgrade! The added spikes break apart each bean for a better feeding capabilities at finer settings. You'll have perfect grounds time after time no matter what coarseness level you choose to go with!

Can the Timemore Slim grind espresso?

Yes, the Timemore Slim can grind espresso. The Timemore Slim can go from a rough grind for French press to an extra fine for espresso in the blink of an eye. This sleek grinder is up to the task, its special Titanium coating promises rich deliciousness with each cup – no more disappointment! Enjoy the consistency of your favorite espresso every time with this great grinder.

Which type of grinder is best for espresso?

The best type of grinder for espresso is the Timemore Slim with titanium burrs.

  • Available in Black with Diamond Grip pattern with Stainless Steel or new Titanium Coated Stainless Steel Burrs
  • HRC58 Sharp Stainless Steel Burr Set
  • Capacity: ~20g
  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Includes a grinder brush


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