Timemore Chestnut ESP Hand Grinder

With 30-click precision control, allowing for ultra-fine adjustments, and innovative E&B stainless steel burrs with Spike-to-Cut technology, the Timemore Chestnut ESP Hand Grinder ensures a uniform grind for espresso. Designed for aesthetics and practicality, it has a non-slip body, an ergonomic crank handle for easy grinding, and a durable aluminum alloy construction, making it ideal for home and travel. For those who value quality, the Chestnut ESP efficiently grinds 30 grams of coffee, standing out as a must-have for espresso lovers.

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Timemore Chestnut ESP Hand Grinder Features

30 Click Precise Adjustment

Precision settings for espresso are key. With 30 adjustable clicks per rotation and micro-adjustments of 0.0233mm, the Timemore Chestnut ESP ensures you have 100% precision control of fine and coarse grinding. With its precise grind size control, the Chestnut ESP hand coffee grinder ensures uniform particle size distribution, allowing for higher extractions and a perfect espresso shot every time.

Spike-to-Cut 42mm Burrs

To grind your coffee with high consistency, Timemore introduces their patented ⌀42mm HV600 Espresso & Brew burrs, incorporating Spike-to-Cut technology. The innovative two-stage grinding process begins with a first pass in large spikes breaking the coffee bean down into smaller fragments. The grinds then undergo a finer grinding process to achieve the precise final grind size. This process ensures optimal flavor and aroma extraction from the coffee beans.

Aluminum Anti-Slip Body

To prevent the grinder from slipping, the Chestnut ESP is designed with an anti-slip textured body ensuring the grinder stays firmly in your hand as you turn the crank.  The ergonomic handle is designed for comfortable and efficient grinding, enabling you to process 30 grams of coffee in about one minute effortlessly.  Its base includes a silicone pad, ensuring stability and ease during the grinding process.

Perfect For Travelling

Its aluminum alloy body makes the Chestnut ESP a lightweight, yet durable coffee grinder for travel or camping. Durability is also enhanced by the stainless steel crank handle, driveshaft, and conical burrs.

With a diameter of 53mm (2.09in) and weighing in at 600g (21.2oz) the Chestnut ESP is easy to hold and carry and has a generous capacity of 30g (1.06oz), enough for two or three cups of coffee.

Burrs: ⌀42mm (⌀1.65in) HV600 Espresso & Brew (E&B) 420 Stainless Steel Burr Set featuring Spike-to-Cut (SC2) technology

Materials: Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel, Silicone

Capacity: 30g (1.06oz)

Size: 163x53mm (6.4x2.09in)

Dual Bearing Concentric Burr Shaft Stabilization

Includes a grinder brush

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