SSP Red Speed 98mm Burrs - EK43

SSP Grinding Solution burrs are the ultimate choice for coffee enthusiasts looking for the perfect grind. Made of high-quality cast-iron material and featuring a durable Red Speed (AlTiN) coating, these burrs boast a custom geometry and unique top and bottom design, ensuring a consistent grind and unparalleled taste in every cup. Upgrade to the best with SSP Grinding Solution burrs.

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What are SSP burrs?

The SSP Grinding Solution burrs are premium burrs with a 98mm diameter size. Made of cast-iron material and featuring a Red Speed (AlTiN) coating, these burrs have a custom geometry and a unique top and bottom design, which are typically only found in high-end grinders.

Improve your coffee

The cutting algorithm of these burrs improves speed, consistency, and taste, resulting in a more even and uniform coffee ground. These burrs are pre-treated and do not require seasoning like other burrs.

Available in three different cutting patterns

High Uniformity

Best suited for single-dose and lighter roasted espresso grinding, with a High-Uniformity bimodal particle size distribution that produces high-yield extractions and a clean profile in the cup.

Low Uniformity

Best suited for high-volume shops and multi-purpose grinding for any roast degree, with a lower uniformity bimodal particle size distribution that produces a conventional style espresso and greater complexity at brewing range.

Ultra-Low Fines

Best suited for brewing, cupping and batch grinding (not recommended for espresso), with a unimodal particle size distribution and ultra-low fines production to express greatest clarity of flavour at filter range.



  • Material: Tool steel
  • Rating: 5,000 kg (11,000 lbs)
  • Fits Mahlkonig EK43

Are SSP burrs worth it?

SSP Grinding Solution burrs are considered to be worth it by many coffee enthusiasts, as they are said to produce a more consistent grind, last longer, and have better features than other types of burrs. However, they are also more expensive than other types of burrs, so it ultimately depends on the individual's budget and priorities.

Seasoning coffee burrs

They may take slightly longer to get coated with coffee oils (5-10kg) but you do not need to grind 10lbs of rice before using them! SSP guarantees no chipped or damaged edges which can cause poor consistency and a short lifespan in regular burrs.

  • Material: Tool steel
  • Rating: 5,000 kg (11,000 lbs)
  • Fits: Mahlkonig EK43

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