Fellow Ode Bellows with Single Dose Lid

The Fellow Ode Single Dose Hopper is for coffee lovers who like to change things up - enough space for a single dose of beans, so you can try a new roast every day!

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Fellow Ode Bellows

The Fellow Ode brew grinder for is a messy one. The knocker doesn't push out all the grounds in the dosing cup. This is why we created the single dose bellows to blow out all the grinds in the grinder to provide a true Zero Retention experience. This means you get perfectly fresh coffee every morning.

It provides more space for your coffee beans and it fits perfectly on the grinder. The Single Dose Lid with Bellows is the perfect Fellow Ode Gen 2 or Gen 1 update.

Our Single Dose Bellows

Are you ready for espresso perfection? With the new single dose bellows featuring an aluminum lid, espresso has never been this hassle-free! Our bellows ensure not a single grain escapes from its grasp - delivering just the right firmness. Plus, with its durable aluminum lid, it will last brew after brew. Let's make brewing an effortless experience.

The silicone bellows are very durable and will last you a long time.

What is Single Dosing?

Single dosing allows you to store your coffee in an airtight container instead of the hopper and keeps it fresh for longer. The other benefit is that it makes it easy to switch up your coffee beans every morning and explore different coffees daily.

Works with the Fellow Ode Gen 2 and Gen 1. Click here for a single-dosing guide!

This part is professionally injection molded using food-safe polycarbonate.

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