Magnetic Portafilter Funnel - Espresso Dosing Ring

Tired of those pesky coffee grounds scattering everywhere during your grind or distribution process? Say hello to the aluminum dosing funnel, designed exclusively for your portafilter to keep the mess contained and your espresso tasting sweet.

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Espresso Funnel Overview

Maintaining a tidy espresso station isn’t always easy, especially with those coffee grounds that seem to have a mind of their own. The Cafe Fabrique dosing funnel is here to be your espresso's best friend. Made for coffee enthusiasts, this funnel efficiently directs your freshly ground coffee straight into the portafilter. No fuss, no mess!

Design & Features

Magnetic & Mess Free

Our dosing funnel is intricately designed to minimize coffee spills. This funnel adheres securely to portafilters, ensuring minimal wastage during the dosing process. The added height of 18mm is a boon for coffee distribution, ensuring every grind finds its way to where it belongs.

Suitable for

Our funnel is not just a decent funnel; it's a versatile one. Whether you’re using a 51, 53, or 58mm portafilter, our dosing funnel is designed to be a snug fit. It caters to a range of espresso machines, cementing its place among the must-have barista tools.

Minimal wastage when dosing process

Facilitates your grinds into your portafilter accurately and without a mess.

Stable on the portafilter

Say goodbye to wobbly funnels. With 6 magnetic points, our funnel offers fast and reliable installation. This means it sits steadily atop portafilters, ensuring a smooth coffee dosing experience.

Weiss Distribution Technique 

This funnel isn't just about directing those grinds. When paired with a WDT tool, it aids in breaking up clumps in your coffee grinds, guaranteeing a perfect consistency. It’s every barista's dream for achieving that rich and delectable cup of espresso.

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