LA SCALA Madame - Espresso Machine

Every detail matters when it comes to Madame: a sophisticated machine that can be tailored and customized according to any user's exact specifications! From drawers and trays, all the way down to its size - every alteration allows for unique personalization. And with its adaptability, this system guarantees harmony in whatever setting you choose!

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Customized For You

When it comes to Madame, the possibilities are truly endless! Whether you're looking for a sleek machine or a more traditional style, Madame has got you covered - it can be tailored and customized to your exact preferences. You can adjust everything from its size to the internal drawers and trays - plus, its extreme adaptability means that no matter where you use it, it will continue to thrive! So if you're looking for something special and unique, look no further than Madame; she may just be the one.

PID Temperature Stability

Get ready to experience the perfect cup of coffee each time with La Scala Madame. This state-of-the-art home espresso machine is crafted for excellence, boasting a powerful copper boiler and heated group head driven by PID temperature control that ensures precise digital regulation over water temperatures - resulting in rich complex flavour notes from every extraction.

E61 Grouphead

Temperature stability is expertly monitored by our thermosiphon recycling technology, which ensures optimal circulation of boiler water through the brewing system's inner components. The result? Maximum temperature constancy and minimal thermal drip to secure perfect extraction with every cup!

Pressure Gauge

Crafting a superior espresso requires the perfect balance of pressure and timing. With its dedicated pressure gauge, baristas can easily keep an eye on their pre-infusion process to ensure each cup is exquisitely balanced - delivering sweet, creamy perfection every time.

Controllable Pre-Infusion

Immerse yourself in the perfect coffee with a unique low-pressure pump pre-soak! This revolutionary technology provides an additional jet of water before extraction, ever so gently saturating your portafilter's puck of ground beans before full brewing pressure is applied. Enjoy optimized flavor and texture for every cup you brew!

Even Puck Saturation

Enjoy the barista experience at home! The La Scala Madame Deluxe espresso machine ensures superior extraction by evenly distributing water over your grounds, so that no matter what bean or blend you choose, every cup will have a café-quality taste. For an extra level of precision in crafting the perfect pick me up beverage - adjust how long you let the jet of hot steam flow through; use this feature to find and enjoy flavor notes unique to each type of grind!

Smart Display Option

Customising every coffee with the La Scala Madame Deluxe home coffee machine, by adjusting the group temperature and shot time via the display, is an essential part of the extraction process. Even small fluctuations in espresso volume and group head temperatures can cause varying extraction yields and flavour profiles.

Energy Saving & Water Monitoring

The La Scala Madame Deluxe home coffee machine is engineered for convenience and efficiency, with a sleek water tank display to alert you of low levels. Additionally, its energy-saving mode offers quick transition from Eco Mode into normal operating temperature in just 2 minutes–allowing your morning cup of joe to be brewed quickly while responsibly conserving power.

Fully embracing sustainability, the La Scala Madame Deluxe offers an energy-saving mode and superior boiler insulation that results in impressive energy savings of over 20%. The perfect espresso machine for those who care about their impact on the planet.

Cool Touch Steam Wand

La Scala's Madame Deluxe home coffee machine takes your barista skills to the next level. Its powerful steam pressure and 360-degree cool-touch wand creates an indulgent milk texture with fine micro foam bubbles, perfected by adjusting the angle of jug and wand as well as steaming duration resulting in velvety perfection. With this exquisite foundation established, each sip is enhanced even further when combined with a golden espresso for unmatched flavour and mouthfeel - artfully crafted at home!

Italian Made

La Scala Madame guarantees an exquisite Italian experience with every sip, as its 100% Made in Italy components and technology offer a sophisticated combination of unparalleled taste. The result? A smooth indulgence you won't soon forget!

La Scala Quality

Built with premium components like a high quality aluminum machine body, steel structure, brass group and insulated copper boiler - not to mention the unique internal water tank without any plastic parts on its hydraulic hot circuit – this commercial grade contraption is sure to make every cup of brew better than ever before!

Small Footprint

Designed with a small footprint for the contemporary home by Italian designer Alessandro Masturzo, the La Scala Madame Deluxe home coffee machine comes in a stylish compact modular size that can be harmonised with optional walnut knock box drawers, accessories and a matching grinder to enhance functionality and visual aesthetics.

  • Boiler capacity: 2 lt
  • Power: 1300 Watt
  • Voltage: 110-230/50-60
  • Weight: 25Kg
  • Packaging: 43x54x52cm
  • Gross weight: 26,8Kg


Coffee shots Manual
Pre-infusion system Manual
Steam wands 1
Hot water dispenser 1
Body painted aluminum
Boiler material copper
Motor Pump Internal
Protections on water circuit 4
Protections on electrical circuit 2
Electronic temperature control PID on request
Group temperature control PID on request
Internal water tank 2,5 lt
Water tank level Digital

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