Finca El Sapo - Nucleus Coffee

This Colombian microlot from Tarqui presents a beautiful balance between sweet fruit and a clarity and smoothness characteristic of washed specialty coffees from Colombia. We like it as a filter for its sweetness and star fruit aromas, and as an espresso for its clear, aromatic appearance! When cold, it's clearly our summer favorite.

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We present to you an amazing batch for its aromas, clarity and sweetness and for its history and origin.

Naun Ramos is a Tarqui producer in the Huila region of Colombia. Located in El Triunfo, a high-altitude part of the region with the perfect microclimate for coffee, the El Sapo farm has been producing one of the region's finest coffees for several years. Being so far from civilization that it takes over an hour's hike on a footpath to reach it, Naun's production was for a long time unrecognized and its quality ignored. It was in 2018, when several batches from the El Sapo farm were ranked in the top 10 batches in the region, that the producer saw the opportunity to spread the word about the quality of his coffee. Since then, El Sapo Farm has been selling several lots to specialty coffee importers, who pay considerably more and enable him to make his small farm more profitable.

Thanks to our friends at Semilla Coffee who imported 3 x 70kg bags of Naun's coffee, we're lucky enough to have this coffee on the menu while stocks last!

You'll find in this coffee a beautiful clarity, moderate acidity and above all vibrant aromas of honeydew melon. The slightly sweet aspect mingling with the fruity notes creates a real harmony on the palate, especially with a manual infusion. In espresso, the sweetness and fruitiness are more pronounced, but with a touch more acidity. Excellent in a small cortado oatmeal, this is a very light coffee that's perfect for a small afternoon drink.

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