AESIR V2 - Specialty Aeropress Filters

Elevate your AeroPress game with Aesir filters! Developed by 2016 Canadian AeroPress Champion Eldric Kuzma, the upgraded version of these innovative filters will make every cup a winning brew.



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Championship winning Aeropress filters

Want to make your AeroPress brewing better than ever? Check out the new and improved Aesir filters! These high-grade, lab-tested papers offer an even extraction with more clarity - so you can bid farewell to sediment in every cup. Developed by Eldric Kuzma for the 2016 Canadian AeroPress Championship, these innovative filters will take your coffee game up a notch.

What is the best filter for AeroPress?

The best filters for the Aeropress are the. Aesir filters. You can enjoy a smoother cup with minimised sediment - thanks to the laboratory-grade paper's smaller pore size. For consistent extraction and unbelievable clarity without sacrificing body, settle for nothing less than premium quality!

Want to know how the quality of your paper filter can affect flavor in coffee? Check out this fascinating study conducted by Coffee Ad Astra, which dives deep into Aesir filters and their effect on taste. Uncovering all sorts of interesting insights about what makes a great cup!

  • Pack of 100 or 300
  • Premium Paper filters


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